Original Art for Sale @ StudioGermain

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This is a sampling of art work and mixed media prints that Linda Germain has for sale in her Etsy shop.  click the image above and you will be taken to StudioGermain.  You can easily and safely complete your purchase there.  If you have any questions please email Linda@lindagermain.com

Enjoy several gelatin plate monotype prints by Linda Germain.  She finds inspiration from her life and environment to use or create tools for the gelatin printmaking process.  Linda may use grasses found on the side of the road, a scrap of metal found in her shop or a bit of cardboard from the recycling bin to produce these gelatin prints.

To learn more about the gelatin printmaking process watch some of her videos.

Or if you feel ready to start to play with gelatin printmaking sign up for a class today.