Monotype Printmaking class @ Museum of Printing – Massachusetts

Monotype Printmaking class @ Museum of Printing – Massachusetts

I am so pleased to announce that I will be offering a Gelatin Printmaking Class, locally, live and in person!

I have not offered an in person studio class in quite a few years. I know some of you folks have been waiting for this because you learn best in person.

gelatin printmaking workspace

The Printmaking Course quick facts:

Make lots of gelatin prints to get some you like

Who is this printing class for?

  • Beginners to more advanced creatives will benefit from this workshop
  • Teachers looking for classroom ideas
  • Mixed media explorers who like to work fast
  • Retired folks who are looking to fill their time creatively

Schedule for the Gelatin Printing Course – live

We will begin with a few demonstrations and then with a 20 minute session of what I call Yoga Printmaking. Yoga printmaking is a printing process where you follow my voice, suspend judgment and make many prints in just a few minutes. The goal of the process is to get familiar with the basic muscle movements.

There is often some resistance to the the process, but at the end of the day most of my students say that was the favorite part of the day and that they wished they had an audio recording of the process. Trust me!

collage of gelatin prints by linda germain

I believe that you learn best by making lots of prints. This is a very experimental and unpredictable process.

  • Printmaking on your own
  • break for lunch
  • slide show – of ideas
  • specific technique demos
  • Back to printing on your own – roaming help and feedback
  • Break – best and worst share
  • Specific Technique Demos
  • Print some more try out techniques
  • Studio clean up
  • Share, Admire and Celebrate!

I know  that 9 to 5 is a long day. But I really want you to have plenty of time to print and learn from each other.

Enjoy this video of some student work.

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Live Gelatin Printmaking Course

at Museum of Printing