Supplies for Making the printing plate:

  • 4 Boxes of Gelatin ( One box = 1 oz. 1 packet does not equal 1 oz You need a total of 4 oz of powdered gelatin)
  • 12 oz of glycerin
  • shallow 9” x 13” pan – cookie sheet
  • See the printing plate supplies video below.

Things you probably already have that you will need to gather

  • Level counter top or surface  * very important
  • Rubber spatula to gently stir the ingredients
  • Bowl large enough to hold 4 cups of water
  • Measuring cup

Minimum supplies that you will need for printing:

  • 4” SOFT rubber brayers least one – But 2 – 4 of varying sizes would be more convenient
  • Speedball water soluble block printing ink – Starter kit
  • Plexi glass palette for ink and one for the gelatin plate (glass or flexible cutting mat good too)
  • Spray bottle for water
  • Rags to clean brayer
  • Flat bottom bowl or bucket for cleaning your brayers as you work
  • Sulphite drawing paper 90 lb or
  • optional -Canson Mix Media pad of paper 7”x10, 9 x 12 or 11 x 14 
  • optional – Masa paper – 
  • Tissue paper
  • Any smooth absorbent papers you like to print on, old maps, books, poster paper.  Listen to your desires and interests
  • See the basic supplies video here below.

 basic art supplies

  • scissors
  • pens, pencils
  • sharpie,
  • large stack of copy paper
  • mat medium, white glue or other glue that you prefer
  • low tack masking tape
  • exacto knife and fresh blades
  • self healing cutting mat or cutting surface
  • 11”x14 pre cut mat
  • 8” x 10” pre cut mat

If you have questions please email me

Make Monotypes – Supplies to Make the Plate – Linda Germain from Linda Germain on Vimeo.

Inks and Papers for Make Monotypes from Linda Germain on Vimeo.

Supplies for Printing – Make Monotypes with Linda Germain from Linda Germain on Vimeo.


More Praise for Linda Germain and Monotype printmaking

“Linda’s guided process (yoga printmaking) is instantly effective to arrest self-censoring, free the impulse, and introduce essential “moves” in mono-printing. She provides the tools and atmosphere that nurture the student’s unique creative vocabulary.”
 David Zoffoli
, Executive Director
   – Creative Haverhill 
 – Monotypes on Fabric


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