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  • Online printmaking course starts - Oct 5, 2015
  • Make the glycerin Plate
  • Create confident Marks
  • Layer with abandon
  • Develop your voice
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FREE - Video Tutorial - How to Make the Glycerin and Gelatin Plate for Making Monotypes

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Old books – as Printing material
Reusing old book for printing surfaces with Linda Germain

I have been looking forward to the Haverhill Public Library book sale. I love to use old books for: art journals pages for printing on black out poems covers for new book projects inspiration for drawings Consider looking at an old book today with new eyes. What would you do with it? You have a…

Time and tools for exploring Printmaking without a press
Time and Tools for Making monotypes and printmaking without a press

I gave myself the gift of taking a couple of online art classes very recently. It was quite fun being the student and not the teacher. I gained perspective that I think helps me to be an even better teacher. The one thing that really hit home is that online classes can be time consuming.…

Use negative space to make great monotype prints
Create great negative space with your tools - join Make Monotypes online printmaking course

  What is negative space? Why is it a good thing? How do you get better at seeing negative space? How can it make your monotype prints better? Get answers and explore improving your monotype prints through the use of negative space in the next session of Make Monotypes, the online printmaking course, using water…

Let things evolve – on the Printing Plate
Make lots of Monotype Prints

Do you like to plan, control and anticipate accurate results when making monotype prints? or Do you like to try it and see what happens? And then make your next decision based on what just happened on the printing plate. If you would like to try: letting go of expectations pulling lots of prints and…

gelatin print of a woman with raised arms by linda germain

hands up

Do you love spontaneous printmaking?

Do you have a try it and see what happens attitude?

Then printing without a press is for you.

  • It can be as simple as a found relief stamp or as complicated as a multi colored screen print
  • Printing can open up the art making opportunities for nearly every artist.
  • You can take a drawing and transform it into a screen, a block or a stencil.
  • A photo can be the foundation of a repeatable pattern or image.

Why make prints without a press?  Most folks do not have access to a printing press.  Gel monotypes, thermofax screen prints, and relief block prints are all methods that are readily available to most people.

If you love to make marks, then you will love printmaking without a press.