FREE - Video Tutorial - How to Make the Glycerin and Gelatin Plate for Making Monotypes

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Watch videos and then start Printmaking
ink a brayer

We are so lucky! The internet has made learning so accessible. Here try it! Learn how to ink your brayer. The goal is to get a thin, even layer of ink around the whole brayer. Put a small amount on one corner of your palette Pull a small amount out from the big “blob” Let…

Time to take a Printmaking Class
fishing boy monotype by linda germain

Give yourself the gift of time to practice your art. I love September. It is all about going back to school. So I gave myself the gift of an art class. You could do the same. Make Monotypes is a 4 week online printmaking class and it starts on September 19th. One student’s experience: It…

Try Yoga Printmaking – Be Present
drawing as meditation Linda Germain

This past week my art making pulled me into the present moment and even out of a grumpy mood. I was surprised! You may do yoga and meditation to quiet the mind and to get into the present moment. I try these activities every so often but they have not become a natural habit yet.…

Make masking stencils with hole punch
hole punch as a tool for making stencils to use with the gelatin plate

What would you do with a simple hole puncher and a manilla file folder? You could make some masking stencils to use with gelatin plate printmaking. These files folders are a little more sturdy than paper, so the stencils will last longer. Think of creative ways to use the hole puncher: line of hole on…