Book as ART materials workshopold books for making art

This is a project and process based course that uses old books as the foundation for art projects and tools.

  • Do you love books?
  • Do you want to make intimate art with parts of old books?
  • Are you willing to cut up and re-shape books?
  • 4 lessons – $85.00

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Pages into poems
make a white out poem in an old book

One thing you can do with old books it create black out or white out poems. I use the word poem loosely. I like to go through pages and circle words that jump out at me. Then the “poem” makes sense to me, even if it is on a subconscious level. I love to use…

Found marks and meaning
collect old books for art making

When working with old books it is exciting to find notes and scribbles and old library check out slips. I like to call this patina or history. It is not something that you can make up, it’s real and can transport you back 100 years. I like to take these treasures and re-work them into…

New use for Old books – Intimate ART
book pages can become stamping tools

Many old books end up in land fills or get recycled for paper pulp. This should ease your mind and give you the confidence to tear, cut, glue and reshape old books into new art making tools and art pieces. Books are precious and powerful, but I think repurposing old unwanted books gives it new…

Sources for old books
cut up old books and make art

As I am preparing my new class, Book as ART Materials, I am discovering new sources for old and unwanted books.   Independent Used Book Sellers These local book sellers often have boxes of books that are too old to sell or otherwise headed for the recycle bin. I found 2 kind book sellers who…