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Finding Time to Make ART
Use a timer on your tablet to get things done

I love the timer on my iPad Mini. I can trick myself into action by setting the the 20 minute timer. I say to myself, “Ok let’s see what I can do in 20 minutes. Then I can quit or go have some fun.” Usually about one hour later, I have done three 20 minute…

New tools for printmaking
hand cut paper stencil print

I had been hearing about the Xcut X-Press craft machine from Annie Day and the Printmaking sisters in Australia. They use this small embossing craft machine to make beautiful waterless lithography prints, etching prints and lino cut prints. I know I prefer the immediacy of monoprinting with the gelatin plate. I really like the non-toxic…

Tools to make rubbings
brayer rubbings on linen fabric

I found a few new tools at Extra’s for Creative Reuse this week. I had my eye out for blocks with clean raised edges and patterns. Above you can see I did some test prints on dry cotton fabric, with screen printing ink. I am quite happy with how crisply they printed up. If you…

Limit the elements to simplify the monoprint
hand print monoprints on fabric

I made another pillow cover with some monoprinted fabric. I wanted to see if I could simplify the design. I would say I was able to simplify the pillow cover in many ways, compared to the pillow I did last week. This is what I did differently: I used full size fabric pieces so I…