Mixed media Monotype on fabric linda germainMake your Mark on Fabric – printmaking course

Monoprinting on Fabric with the gelatin and glycerin plate

is a 4 week online printmaking course with ink/paint on fiber and the homemade gelatin and glycerin plate.

  • Make the printing plate
  • Collect and create stenciling and stamping tools
  • Identify the best way to make and transfer marks to the fabric
  • Choose which inks/paints and fabrics work best for your application
  • Make a stash of one of a kind printed fabric
  • Complete a couple of projects

Click here to Register securely here right now $180,  class starts May 16th РRead the details on the printmaking workshops page.

FREE - Video Tutorial - How to Make the Glycerin and Gelatin Plate for Making Monotypes

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Sewing hand printed fabric into Pillow covers
Monoprinted fabric used to make a pillow cover linda Germain

Today I made a couple of pillow covers with some gelatin printed fabric. I simply cut the fabric 1″ bigger than the pillow form. Sewed 3 sides with the machine. Sew 2″ in on each edge of the 4th side. Insert form and whip stitch the rest by hand. Happy with the results! If you…

Monoprinted projects using the gelatin plate
Gelatin Printed fabric with hand stitching Linda Germain

Coasters are a quick and easy way to use small experimental prints. You can piece small portions of prints, hand stitch and then cover a notebook. Piecing and framing monoprinted fabrics is a way to enjoy them all day long. Lots of hand stitching can transform your monoprints on fabric into Art Quilts. Experimental wash…

20 topics tackled in Monoprinting on Fabric
Monoprints on Fabric with stamping tools, stencils, ink and the glycerin and gelatin plate

I have received some great feedback, and I am pleased to share that much of what you want to learn about monoprintng on fabric with the glycerin and gelatin plate is covered in the online printmaking course. Read on and get excited: Make fun fabrics to make clothes for your grandchildren. Learn the benefits of…

Why play with printing on fabric?
Book cover made with gelatin printed monotype fabric

Play and guided discovery is how new things are invented. If you follow all the rules, then it is hard to create something new. That is why I love gelatin printmaking. With just a few tools and a pile of recycled fabric I can explore imagery, layering, composition and mark making with immediate feedback. This…