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Join us in the next online printmaking class.

Maybe you have an idea about what screen printing is. Maybe you screen printed in college.

Have you heard about Thermofax printing?

Or you want put your images on fabric, t-shirts, posters or mixed media prints and books.

In this printmaking workshop you will:

  • Explore paper stencils method, drawing fluid method and Thermofax method
  • Learn to design your own screens from photos, drawings and other types of marks
  •  Get and use a starter kit of thermofax screens

4 week CLASS  Sept. 11 thru Oct. 6th


Why take art classes?
urban sketches by linda germain

I signed up for an Urban Sketching class on an impulse. I do not love to sketch, but I know that sketching feeds my printmaking. The more I like my sketches the more options I have for printmaking screens, stencils, stamps and tools. I had have had the experience of being a student who gets…

3 ways to get out of an ART slump!
gelatin plate print by linda germain

I think making art is like a roller coaster ride. I have great ups and downs. Here are 3 three ways to get yourself out of an art slump. Call an art friend and tell her you are in a funk. Sometimes is helps to just get the words out of you. I think it…

Love your Library – Free ART lessons
Danny Gregory Books at the Haverhill Library

I love my Haverhill Public Library – free books, free AC on hot days and just loads of resources. Jason Asselin Mural at Haverhill Public Library I always check the library first when I hear about a book that I just have to read. And usually I can get it from the library first and…

School Supplies – Art supplies
cheap school supplies to use for making art

I love back to school supply sales. I love buying note books, markers, glue and gadgets for art making. Here are some of the school supplies that I stock up on at this time of year and what I use them for: Composition  notebooks – daily journalling Erasers of all sizes – carving into small…

FREE - Video Tutorial - How to Make the Glycerin and Gelatin Plate for Making Monotypes

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