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It’s all About the Printing Plate – Make Monotypes
It's all about the Printing Plate in Make Monotypes with Linda Germain

Yesterday, I melted down 6 or 7 glycerin and gelatin printing plates.  These plates last a long time compared to the gelatin and water printing plate that I used a few years ago.    These plates are so strong and flexible and they do not have to be refrigerated like the gelatin and water recipe.…

Get it All OUT – so you can see the big picture
Looking at the BIG picture - Linda Germain

Use what you have – is one of my mottos.   I do have to remind myself of that, before I go buy the next great tool, ink or organizing item. I found a couple of easels and cork boards and used them to get it all out of my head and on to paper.  Wow!…

Can you Create in Chaos?
Can I clear the Chaos? Linda Germain

Moving to a new space has created an opportunity for awareness for me.  It is a huge space and I noticed that I was filling it up with messes just about everywhere. Is there a message in the mess? I went around my studio yesterday and took pictures of my piles and projects.  Today with…

The Master Repeats
the masters repeat - make many prints to gain skills - Linda Germain

I have joined Jennifer Lee in her Right Brainers in Business Summit – 2014. She offers wisdom from a range of speakers for the next 14 days.  Check out the details.  Well, I did not think I had time to listen, but I was so inspired by Michael Port on Monday, that I am looking…