Gelatin Printmaking Class @ Museum of Printing

Who is this Gelatin Printmaking class for?

  • Beginners to more advanced creatives will benefit from this workshop
  • Teachers looking for classroom ideas
  • Mixed media explorers who like to work fast
  • Retired folks who are looking to fill their time creatively

Gelatin Prints by linda germain

Gelatin Printmaking is:

The focus of this workshop is gelatin plate monoprints with found object “stamps” and “stencils”.  It is a wonderfully experimental process that gives results that vary from the abstract to the photographic.

The gelatin plate is made of food grade gelatin.  This soft malleable gelatin is covered with ink, and then marks are made in the ink with found objects and stencils.

Finally paper is placed on top of the ink and pressed by hand.  With each inking you can make one or two original prints, hence the name monoprints.  Students will make colorful layered prints by working one color over another until a desired result is obtained. More info on the workshop page.


Securely register through PayPal  $150.00



FREE - Video Tutorial - How to Make the Glycerin and Gelatin Plate for Making Monotypes

Join the list and I will give you tips to keep having fun . Give yourself the gift of play today!

Saturday – Great day to visit Haverhill – MA

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Gelatin Printmaking Class at the Museum of Printing
layered gelatin print

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