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Monoprinting on Fabric- embrace textures
monotype on fabric by linda germain

I love fabric and the feel of working with it. When I print on fabric things slow down and become more intimate. I like the idea of hand stitching lots of details, but it is very time consuming. The print above started out as a landscape. Can you see the abstract landscape behind the profile…

Many uses for your Gelatin Prints
Gelatin print with hand stamping by linda germain

Sometimes you pull a gelatin print and it is perfect in it’s simplicity. And it is ready to frame. And then other times the monotype print becomes a background for a stencil or screen printed image. The “Love” print is a gelatin print background and a hand carved stamp for the love focus. The bird…

Day 30 of the #SEEdrawPrint challenge
orphan type face for printing

I did it! Whoa! It took some creativity and some commitment to the promise that I made to myself. I must admit that today is another SEE and Print project. That is my big discovery that I am really attracted to processes that do not require the “draw” part of the process. I used some…

Peace to YOU day 29 of SEEdrawPrint
christmas dog ornament

Today I made a thermofax screen of the text, Peace to You. I was hoping to print on the back side of some ornaments that I am making. The screen came out pretty clean and I was able to print clear images on paper, but when I tried to print on the felt the impression…