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The Master Repeats
the masters repeat - make many prints to gain skills - Linda Germain

I have joined Jennifer Lee in her Right Brainers in Business Summit – 2014. She offers wisdom from a range of speakers for the next 14 days.  Check out the details.  Well, I did not think I had time to listen, but I was so inspired by Michael Port on Monday, that I am looking…

It takes patience….
Rust for distressing paper and fabric - Linda Germain

Spring comes, the snow melts and reveals lots of rusty metal bits.  I have a box of such treasures.  I love the textures and colors of decay.  Today, I spritzed some cotton fabric  with a vinegar and water mix.  Then I layered and wrapped the fabric with rusty metal.  Now I need the patience to…

What happens if you change your perspective?
Change you perspective - Linda Germain

Today, I started cleaning some of the 22 windows in my studio.  Wow!  Did that change my perspective.  I did not notice how really dirty they were until I had a clean one to compare with.  Even with the browns and grays of early spring my city started to look a little friendlier. The other…

Drawing that might become a thermo fax screen print
quick line drawing could become a screen for printmaking by Linda Germain

Daffodils were one of the first things that I can remember enjoying drawing as a kid.  Recently, I friend gave me two bundles of fresh daffodils, and I am enjoying them at all stages of  bloom and decay.  Line drawings like these can be easily turned into a thermofax screen for printmaking. Once I started doing…