PRINTED GIFTS – workshopMake botanical set of prints

 is a short actionable class designed to help you transform prints into

  • framed prints
  • collaged panels
  • set of cards

and other small gifts that you can enjoy, give away or even sell.

With the holiday season just around the corner, this is the perfect time to join us in this online printmaking course.

Dates: Available NOW $59.00 

Details and to register @ the Workshop Page

FREE - Video Tutorial - How to Make the Glycerin and Gelatin Plate for Making Monotypes

Join the list and I will give you tips to keep having fun . Give yourself the gift of play today!

New style of masking stencils with Tyvek
paper stencils from a recycled tyvek envelope

I am excited about a paper cutting class that I will be attending this weekend with Beatrice Coron. In preparation for the class I have been cutting stencils in a new way. I am using: Tyvek cutting more detailed designs creating designs with a square edge Then I did some printing with the gelatin plate.…

Dried grasses for gelatin Printing
use grass or weeds as a delicate masking stencil with the gelatin plate

Fall is a good time to find thin sturdy grasses for printing with the gelatin plate.   When you are looking for good grasses and weeds to use as masking stencils look for: very flat very thin good spaces between the branches size that will work well with your plate sturdy – so it does…

Are you thinking about making holiday gifts?
printed gifts and ornament

Time to start making your holiday gifts! Do you love to play with printmaking? Do you have a pile of prints in your studio? Do you like to make handmade gifts? Printed Gifts is an online art class to help you turn some prints and printed materials into holiday gifts. This class is for folks…

Printing from Manhole cover
hand printed t-shirt from manhole cover haverhill MA

I have seen the wonderful videos floating around by I have been looking for some local manhole covers that might make an interesting print. I have admired the texture and patterns of things in the street for years. I was searching for a safe place to print from a manhole cover. And a place that was…