make a glycerin and gelatin plate for monotype printmaking

Learn to make your own gelatin plate for printing

Make Monotypes – printmaking class – starts – Jan 8th

Get confidence, support and skills in this gelatin printmaking class:

“Now, I have the confidence to try different printing techniques and to even cut up the gelatin plate to get interesting shapes.” says Lynne P.

“I actually made the printing plate, after years of thinking about it.” says, Sandy S.

“This is the first online class that I have stuck with. Linda makes it so easy, enjoyable and productive.” from Emily A.

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of Make Monotypes, the 4 week online gelatin plate printmaking class with ink and paper using the homemade gelatin and glycerin plate. This will be the only 2018 session.

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Gelatin Printmaking Demo at the Festival of Trees – Sunday
gelatin printed cards for sale at the festival of trees

Last minute I was invited to do a printmaking demo for the Greater Haverhill Arts Association at the Festival of Trees at the Buttonwoods Museum, Haverhill, MA The printmaking demonstration details: Sunday, December 10 Noon to 2 PM Buttonwoods Museum 240 Water St, Haverhill MA I will be printing some cards with Tyvek stencils. I…

Finding what printing method and materials works best for you
mason jar watercolor painting by linda germain

I am inspired by many types of art making. And I have tried: watercolor, acrylic painting, drawing with all types of charcoal and pens and pencils mixed media bookmaking encaustic fiber arts like quilting and sewing photography fabric dying like shirbori and tie dye And most recently many types of printmaking without a press: Gelatin…

How long does the gelatin and glycerin printing plate last?

That is a great question. The answer: it depends, 6 months or more probably.   You probably were hoping for a more specific answer. Let me explain. The gelatin and glycerin printing plate is made of 3 ingredients water, glycerin and gelatin. The water evaporates over time. You will notice that the plate will shrink…

Cyber Monday! Save $40. on Gelatin Printmaking Class
gelatin print with stencil inspired by fabric

You can save $40.00 when you sign up for Make Monotypes today.  Class starts January 8th. As a member of Make Monotypes you get: 4 weeks of video lessons, every Monday thru Friday you will receive a private video These are 40+ short, actionable videos Anytime access to classroom for 6 months after the course…