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  • because I am moving my studio to a much smaller space.
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JOY masking stencil on gel plate

 Welcome to all things printmaking.

We have art classes and free information for many types of printmaking.

All of these types of printing processes can be done without a press and in a home studio, aka “the kitchen table.”

We focus on on making marks, textures, patterns and layered images with found tools, stamps and stencils.


It is a great way to make some wonderful art with out needing to draw a lot. The more you explore and print, the more your skills will develop.

Printmaking is a way to maximize the drawing skills that you do have, by converting a sketch or drawing into a printing plate, stencil or stamp.

Read on and be inspired to join us in an online art class very soon, check out the printmaking workshop schedule here.

FREE - Video Tutorial - How to Make the Glycerin and Gelatin Plate for Making Monotypes

Join the list and I will give you tips to keep having fun . Give yourself the gift of play today!

Choice of printing tools – gelatin printmaking
gelatin and glycerin monoprint by linda germain

Now a days you have lots of choices when it comes to gelatin printmaking. You can buy gel plates from several different manufacturers. You can make a long lasting plate with water, glycerin and gelatin. Or you can make the original water and gelatin recipe for a plate that will last a few weeks. Then…

Buy some original ART and save 50%
monoprint by linda germain

I am moving my studio and want to find new homes for some of my original monotype prints. So I am offering a 50% discount coupon in my Etsy shop for the next few days. Use coupon code MOVING and save 50% Here is a preview and click through to my shop to see all…

What do you do with all your ART?

Do you keep it? Give it away? Sell it? Toss it? Burn it?  I did all of the above! I am in the middle of downsizing from a 2000 square foot industrial style space to a 650 square foot condo unit. I am definitely a process type artist more so than a product focused creator.…

Who could use stencils in artwork?
hand cut stencils for art making

Stencils are not just for printmakers. Actually they are a great way to get into printmaking. Stencils can be used by: Fiber artists who want to create patterns or designs on fabric Book artists who make decorative pages Mixed media artists to create layers and focus Card makers to create unique images Teachers and homeschoolers…