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Turn your drawings into Trace Monoprints
Trace Monoprint of tea cups by linda germain

Do you work hard to make a drawing that you like? I do. One way to make your drawings live on is to use them to make trace monoprints. This is an easy low tech way of printmaking without a press. I love taking a drawing and using it to make mixed media piece of…

Possibilities for printing palettes
many options for palettes for printmaking

We use a palette to roll up ink and get a nice thin layer on the brayer. There are options to choosing a palette. I like to keep things simple and use what I have, so I am going to give you some ideas for what to use for a palette for rolling up ink.…

Many ways to learn to Draw
Inspirational drawing books for printmaking

As I fine tune the drawing lessons for the new weekend workshop, I am seeing that there are as many ways to learn to draw as there are teachers and students. Some say learn to draw in 15 minutes and another 355 hours. So what is the truth? It depends: What are your goals? What…

New tools for making artist books
Calipers for making books linda germain

I was pleased to learn about using calipers and dividers to make measurements for folding and cutting when making artists books. Martha Kearsley, of the Strong Arm Bindery, showed us how to use these tools to measure book blocks and threads to calculate the width of the spine. The caliper is the tool on the…