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hand sewn tape bound book as part of mixed media printmakers online class

Do you have piles of paper and prints that just need something to complete them? Craving answers and ideas for making books Love layers, but want a little confidence creating them You are in luck! The mixed media printmaker’s retreat starts, on Wednesday, August 26th. You still have time to register. Click here if you…

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Making Monotype Prints in the Studio - Linda Germain

When you are in your studio, do you like to work in silence? Or do you have special music to enhance your creativity? I have been listening to Pandora Radio and the Laid Back Beach Music Station. I have to stay it is the next best thing to the beach. It puts me in a…

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Learn bookbinding process in the Mixed Media printmakers course online with Linda Germain

Would you like: to do something with all your unfinished prints to commit a little more time to your art practice this month to learn sewn tape book binding technique to be supported by a global community of mixed media printmakers If you said yes, then join us for the Mixed Media Printmaker’s Retreat. It…

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Use Idea boards to create and capture inspiration

Enjoy a quick video about the Mixed Media Printmaker’s retreat that starts Wednesday, August 26th. We will start this class on a Wednesday, so that when you are in the middle of the session it will be a weekend and hopefully you will be able to devote a little more time to your printmaking practice.…

gelatin print of a woman with raised arms by linda germain

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Do you love spontaneous printmaking?

Do you have a try it and see what happens attitude?

Then printing without a press is for you.

  • It can be as simple as a found relief stamp or as complicated as a multi colored screen print
  • Printing can open up the art making opportunities for nearly every artist.
  • You can take a drawing and transform it into a screen, a block or a stencil.
  • A photo can be the foundation of a repeatable pattern or image.

Why make prints without a press?  Most folks do not have access to a printing press.  Gel monotypes, thermofax screen prints, and relief block prints are all methods that are readily available to most people.

If you love to make marks, then you will love printmaking without a press.