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gelatin print of a woman with raised arms by linda germain

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Do you love spontaneous printmaking?

Do you have a try it and see what happens attitude?

Then printing without a press is for you.

  • It can be as simple as a found relief stamp or as complicated as a multi colored screen print, requiring perfect registration.
  • Printing can open up the art making opportunities for nearly every artist.
  • You can take a drawing and transform it into a screen, a block or a stencil.  A photo can be the foundation of a repeatable pattern or image.

Why make prints without a press?  Most folks do not have access to a printing press.  Gel monotypes, thermofax screen prints, and relief block prints are all methods that are readily available to most people.

If you love to make marks, then you will love printmaking without a press.

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What kind of inks do you like for gelatin printing?

I have played with several different inks and paints for gelatin printmaking.  Each one has it’s own strengths and weaknesses. In Make Monotypes, the online printmaking course, we use speedball water soluble block printing ink. I like that ink for the class because it allows for the transfer of ink from brayer to plate to…

How to choose clip art images for Thermofax screen printing

A thermofax machine quickly “burns” screens for small scale screen printing. Choosing the right images will help create screens that will last for 100′s of prints. You need a carbon based photocopy of a high contrast image for best results in creating the thermofax screen. Here are some guidelines for choosing clip art images to…

Why use glycerin plate and speedball ink in Make Monotypes?

Make Monotypes is a 6 week online printmaking class. We focus on printing with ink on paper with the homemade glycerin plate. I strongly suggest that you use the speedball water soluble block printing ink, the homemade glycerin and gelatin printing plate and sulphite drawing paper. These supplies allow from the easiest learning. They do…

Practice making Monotypes into Artists books

I make lots of monotype prints just to get warmed up and get into the flow of a printing session. Those practice prints are great papers for creating artists books. I admire the coptic stitch binding, but I also struggle with getting the tension right. So I decided that practice, practice, practice would be the…