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Last Day – Save $48 – Make Monotypes
Monotype print made with stencils and the gelatin plate - Linda Germain

Do you spend hours pinning images and watching Youtube videos, when your really want to make beautiful prints? Want to start making monotype prints? Have more control over your impressions? Get answers guidance and support for printing with the gelatin plate? You are just in time to join us in Make Monotypes, the online printmaking…

Comb marks into ink on the Gelatin Plate
Make Mark with a comb - printmaking with out a press

Discover mark making tools: You can find a package of wide tooled combs at the dollar store and then you will have fun working into the ink on the gelatin plate. If you play and then you are not happy with the mark then, you can just brayer over it and start over. Here I…

Repurpose Die cut tools – monotypes
Use commercial Die cut combined with the gelatin plate

Use Die Cuts with Gelatin Plate I love to repurpose things. I got these Fiskars  die cuts at my favorite recycle store, extras for creative reuse in Lynn, MA. I do not the special Fiskars machine, but I knew that I could figure out a way to use these 4″ letter press die cuts. I…

Recycled Tile for stamping Gelatin monotypes
Prints made with Recycled tile sample as printing tool

WE have a great recycling store near by, called Extras for Creative Reuse. It is a membership type place and when you visit you can take pound and pounds and bags of stuff! I find lots of interesting “printmaking tools”. This tile sample works great to make marks in the thin layer of ink on…

make a glycerin and gelatin plate for monotype printmaking

Learn to make your own gelatin plate for printing

Make Monotypes – Online printmaking course starts Feb 22

Get confidence, support and skills in this printmaking class:

“Now, I have the confidence to try different printing techniques and to even cut up the gelatin plate to get interesting shapes.” says Lynne P.

“I actually made the printing plate, after years of thinking about it.” says, Sandy S.

“This is the first online class that I have stuck with. Linda makes it so easy, enjoyable and productive.” from Emily A.

Check out the details of Make Monotypes, the 4 week online printmaking class with ink and paper using the homemade gelatin and glycerin plate.