Make your own personal stencils for printmaking without a pressMake Stencils Workshop

Be more than a store bought stencil user. 

Want to make stencils that are uniquely you?  Make art that is like no one else?  

And want to be able to repeat the mark over and over again.

Then this is the art class for you.

  • Start to see shapes and shadow
  • Learn to make stencils from your own photos
  • Transform your art with stencils that you find or create
  • Examine scale and location of stencil based art
  • Make your hard work pay off

Class starts March 6th, 2017

Read more details here for this online art class REGISTER NOW! 

Welcome to all things printmaking.

We have art classes and free information for many types of printmaking.

All of these types of printing processes can be done without a press and in a home studio, aka “the kitchen table.”

We focus on on making marks, textures, patterns and layered images with found tools, stamps and stencils.


It is a great way to make some wonderful art with out needing to draw a lot. The more you explore and print, the more your skills will develop.

Printmaking is a way to maximize the drawing skills that you do have, by converting a sketch or drawing into a printing plate, stencil or stamp.

Read on and be inspired to join us in an online art class very soon, check out the printmaking workshop schedule here.

FREE - Video Tutorial - How to Make the Glycerin and Gelatin Plate for Making Monotypes

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Add a trace monoprinted mark
multi layered gelatin print by linda germain

Sometimes a print just needs a little something to make it complete. Today I added the fuzzy line that is typical of a trace monoprint to a few of my gelatin plate prints. These monotype prints “needed a little something.” I decided to see if I could add some marks through the trace monoprint process,…

Love a little today
Gelatin print with hand stamping by linda germain

Happy Valentines Day! Love flows in and out of my printmaking kind of unconsciously. What about your art making? Does the love flow through to your work? We can use relief blocks and wooden text as shown above. I got the old wooden type at the Museum of Printing. Check their website for the next…

Line is the most basic element of design
trace monotype print by linda germain

I think we all have our favorite types of marks. I like loose expressive lines. I don’t get to draw a lot of these types of lines when I am gelatin printmaking. I use threads to capture that type of expression. One process that allows me to embrace the loose and expressive contour line is…

Easy Printmaking Tools – stencils and the gelatin plate

I am still playing with the cityscape idea. Stencils – simple printmaking tools I turned to some easy printmaking tools – stencils and the glycerin and gelatin plate. I cut many masking stencils from a photocopy of the cityscape drawing, that I did a few days ago. I carefully cut them with a sharp craft…