make a glycerin and gelatin plate for monotype printmaking

Learn to make your own gelatin plate for printing

Make Monotypes – Online printmaking course starts Jan 8th

Get confidence, support and skills in this gelatin printmaking class:

“Now, I have the confidence to try different printing techniques and to even cut up the gelatin plate to get interesting shapes.” says Lynne P.

“I actually made the printing plate, after years of thinking about it.” says, Sandy S.

“This is the first online class that I have stuck with. Linda makes it so easy, enjoyable and productive.” from Emily A.

Check out the details of Make Monotypes, the 4 week online gelatin plate printmaking class with ink and paper using the homemade gelatin and glycerin plate. This will be the only 2018 session.

Early Bird discount is available Nov 15th! 

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Printing Holiday cards – gelatin prints
christmas card made with the gelatin plate

I am playing with some ideas for my Holiday card. I combined to ideas into one to get this reindeer flying over the sleepy village. I am using my new tyvek stencils. I am loving it! This was my first stencil. The sleepy village on the hillside and then I combined the reindeer and a…

Something to look forward too – printing class
tyvek stencil for gelatin printing

I just realized that when I have a vacation or art class planned for the near future, then I get excited and hopeful and planning. I start to think about: what I want to learn what tools I will need and what about this class will help my art practice Do you get excited about…

Play with Printmaking – gelatin prints
cat print by linda germain

“Life must be lived as Play.” Plato   Printmaking is a form of play for me. When I let myself play is when I usually make the best prints and wonderful discoveries. Want to add some play to your day? I can help you with that. In the next session of Make Monotypes, the online…

Simple changes – Big improvement – gelatin prints
detailed impression gelatin print by linda germain

When I started exploring gelatin printmaking, I just played with the process and found methods by trial and error. Making prints with the gel plate is so fast that learning can happen very quickly. These 2 gelatin plate prints are what I call the detailed impression. It is the print that is made by the…