FREE - Video Tutorial - How to Make the Glycerin and Gelatin Plate for Making Monotypes

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Embrace your drawing skills
turn sketches into printing plates

You can try to avoid drawing and there are lots of tools that you can buy to make art with out drawing: stencils, stamps and coloring books. But if you have the urge to make your own unique art, to express your voice in the world, then the tug of drawing is there. I know…

4 found tools for art making
found tools for art making

Try this: Pause in your day and see the awe that is right before you. My goal is too notice the awe in the everyday and let it inform my art practice. I think that is the magic of living creatively. To do it daily, even if it is only for brief moments. These things…

Join the Relief Printing Workshop today
foot pressed soft plate relief plate

The soft plate relief plate workshop starts tomorrow. Join us today so you can start making unique prints tomorrow.   This process of printmaking without a press allows for: white line drawings abstract layering and immediate feedback safe non-toxic printing process Check out the details and join us today.

Repetition and Variety in Printmaking
Collection of foam relief prints by Linda Germain

Composition is important to the success of a piece of artwork. And yet sometimes the concept seems so hard to get a handle on. It is abstract and subjective. Collage is one way that I create pleasing compositions from less than perfect prints. Today, I am working with soft block plates. I pieced together some…