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Keep printmaking simple
soft plate relief prints on fabric by linda germain

Soft block relief printing is a great way to get started with printmaking. In the print above, I used black and white ink and 3 foam plates. I played with design elements like value, repetition and balance. This printmaking process is good for folks who want to explore printmaking but do not have access to…

Three ways to use Relief Plates
Hand printed fabric with relief plates linda germain

As a mixed printmaker,  I like to combine techniques to make unique prints. I also like to use non-toxic methods that do not require a printing press. One way I use a relief plate is to lift ink off of the gelatin plate. It gives you a monochromatic impression on the plate, that can then…

Top tools for making foam relief printing plates
join relief printing workshop Linda Germain

I have gathered my tools for making printing plates with styrofoam trays and sticky back craft foam. It is low tech and non-toxic but you can still get some awesome results. These are my favorite tools: Pattern will makes dotted lines. Cd case is great for a see through foundation for sticky back foam Small…

Printmaking without a Press – demo at the Haverhill Art Market
printmaking without a press demo

Printmaking without a Press Artist’s Demonstration Linda Germain, mixed media printmaker Haverhill Art Market 90 Washington St June 18th 12 to 5 Printmaking without a press how is that possible? Actually you are probably very familiar with some printmaking techniques that do not require a press. Screen printing – everyone has a screen printed t-shirt.…