FREE - Video Tutorial - How to Make the Glycerin and Gelatin Plate for Making Monotypes

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Add a focal point and finish some prints
Monotype Print with glycerin plate by Linda Germain

It is easy to get caught up in the process of gelatin printmaking. It is fast and spontaneous. I will often pull many prints and not really have any one print that is finished. Add a focus to complete your print One way to complete a print is to add a focus. Ask your self:…

Gathering prints in progress
Monotype prints by Linda Germain printmaker

Today I went around my studio gathering up all the prints that I have done this year. I am getting ready to to sort through and finish a few for the holidays. I really am a process person. I love figuring out how to make printmaking techniques work for me. There is a lot of…

Simple Printmaking Technique
make your own pattern stamps

Sometimes simple is the most powerful and has the most impact. Think of famous logos, Nike, Apple and Amazon. I like to use inexpensive and everyday items in my printmaking process as well. So for this easy printmaking process I used: set of smooth sided alphabet blocks $1 Sticky back foam scisosrs pencil waterbed colored…

Printing unique paper for printing projects
Printed paper for printed gifts

I love experimenting with printmaking processes. I don’t always know how I will end up using the printed papers that I make. I tried a variety of marbling products, the Suminigashi kit, alum coated paper with waterproof india ink and thin watery acrylics on a liquid starch bath. I found that the type of paper…