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Pulling lots of little screen prints
pulling screen prints by linda germain

I believe the more I practice, fail and experiment, then the more I learn. I have been learning a lot this week. I got some new drawing fluid and filler, some curtain sheers and embroidery hoops. I have been figuring out how to quickly make little line drawings into screens that I can save and…

Easy Lightbox for transferring images
Many experimental screen prints linda germain

The sun and a window make a great light box for transferring drawings to new contact paper. Here I – taped my original sketch to the window tape contact paper on top of the original and Trace the original on to the contact paper Then cut out the stencil apply to screen and print This…

Drawing habit to support printmaking
Draw to improve printmaking skills and options Linda Germain

I love found marks and tools. Drawing for me is work, not really pure joy. But the longer I am an artist the more I realize that drawing opens up options. I think one thought that holds me back is the idea that I have to draw the “teacher’s” way, or realistically, or something other…

Screen printing on rusted fabric
Screen printed cotton fabric that has been rusted with vinegar, water and metal bits by linda germain

I collect bits of rust on my daily walks. Lay them on fabric that is dampened with vinegar and water and let the magic happen. This takes a little planning and patience. Today, I ironed the fabric and played with screen printing over the whole piece of cloth. This is a thermofax screen that I…

gelatin print of a woman with raised arms by linda germain

hands up

Do you love spontaneous printmaking?

Do you have a try it and see what happens attitude?

Then printing without a press is for you.

  • It can be as simple as a found relief stamp or as complicated as a multi colored screen print
  • Printing can open up the art making opportunities for nearly every artist.
  • You can take a drawing and transform it into a screen, a block or a stencil.
  • A photo can be the foundation of a repeatable pattern or image.

Why make prints without a press?  Most folks do not have access to a printing press.  Gel monotypes, thermofax screen prints, and relief block prints are all methods that are readily available to most people.

If you love to make marks, then you will love printmaking without a press.