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Simple screen print – cards
Screen Print with paper stencils - Linda Germain

Screen printing is great for making cards for any holiday. These cards were made in my home studio with simple paper stencils. The steps are easy: Doodle for a design that pleases you Cut or tear your paper stencil Place your stencil on the back of your screen Pull a pile of prints. I you…

Why choose screen printing?
hand pulled screen print card of a bird by linda germain

I like to experiment with different methods of printmaking without a press. That includes: Gelatin plate monotype printmaking Relief block printing Trace monoprinting Various transfer methods with copies Screen printing Each method has its strengths and weaknesses. Most folks have heard of screen printing, because I think we all have a screen printed t-shirt or…

Photo into Thermofax screen
thermofax screen print from a photo into a holiday ornament by Linda Germain

Most years I like to make a holiday ornament. This year it celebrates an Iconic bridge in my hometown of Haverhill, Massachusetts. It was a bit more work than I had hoped. But as I developed the image I looked for what I liked. I kept that and let go what was not working. I…

Screen print on sheer scarves
hand printed scarf with screen printed design

Have you ever worn a t-shirt with a decal that was stiff and plastic feeling? Some thick applications of screen printing ink can feel that way too. If you want to transform a silky scarf with some screen printed marks, then here’s one way to do it and keep the soft hand of the fabric.…

gelatin print of a woman with raised arms by linda germain

hands up

Do you love spontaneous printmaking?

Do you have a try it and see what happens attitude?

Then printing without a press is for you.

  • It can be as simple as a found relief stamp or as complicated as a multi colored screen print
  • Printing can open up the art making opportunities for nearly every artist.
  • You can take a drawing and transform it into a screen, a block or a stencil.
  • A photo can be the foundation of a repeatable pattern or image.

Why make prints without a press?  Most folks do not have access to a printing press.  Gel monotypes, thermofax screen prints, and relief block prints are all methods that are readily available to most people.

If you love to make marks, then you will love printmaking without a press.