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Printing with a fern on fabric
Layering shapes and making gelatin plate monotype prints

Today I added a layer and focus to a few monoprints on fabric. I set up my space and gathered a few tools. I found a few prints that I pulled last week and decided to add some focus and darker marks. I picked one sturdy fern that I had preserved with glycerin and water…

Is your Sketchbook always with you?
Artist books, journals and sketchbooks are tools Linda Germain

I noticed that even though I am not the traditional sketchbook artist, I have lots of sketchbooks. Sometimes I get a new book and think it is too precious to use. Hmm? That is crazy. The book is my tool to feed my image creation. I guess that crazy thinking comes from wanting all my…

Simplify nature and make a stencil
Tiny cups to save ink for monoprinting fabric

Sometimes simple works. I am inspired by textures and shapes that are all around me, yet to create a pleasing print I often need to simplify. Monoprint on Fabric – recycle a print from last year and added 3 flower shapes Another gelatin plate print on fabric. Monoprinting with the gelatin and glycerin plate on…

Why monoprint on Fabric?
gelatin printed fabric is great for one of a kind sewing projects

A monoprint is a one of a kind print. It can be made with or without a press. What is the benefit of printing on fabric? You can create one of a kind material for quilts, wall hangings, pillows and other projects You can create foundation material for needle work You can make patterned fabric…